Mamas 4 Mamas International

Mamas 4 Mamas believes in the power of education to change the world. We also believe that through lessening the financial burden in accessing higher education, the future leaders in Maternal Health will be better able to focus on their studies and supporting their local communities. That’s why we established the Mamas 4 Mamas Midwifery Scholarship through our partnership with NEPAD (the organizing arm of the African Union) and Makarere University in Uganda. Scholarship recipients will also form part of the Mamas 4 Mamas Midwifery Advisory Committee, whose main role is to inform on the needs of their communties and how best to address those needs.


Currently, we are accepting applications from students in the Masters of Nursing (Midwifery and Women’s Health) program at Makarere University.

Mamas 4 Mamas first scholarship recipient, Grace Komuhangi


In 2016, our first scholarship recipient was Grace Komuhangi. Grace knows first-hand of the struggle her country has with maternal and infant mortality, and with a passion for women’s health and education she is determined to be a front-line solution for these issues. As a trained and experienced nurse, she is currently working as a part-time midwife teaching assistant and a clinical instructor at the Victoria University, Kampala. Her responsibilities include; teaching, clinical supervision by coordinating student rotations and site visits, conducting research in a university journal club, supervising students’ clinical and domiciliary practice, designing and developing teaching materials among others. As a teaching assistant in the faculty of health sciences, she has come to realize that further knowledge of midwifery and women’s health is very important to her career goals.

The government of Uganda has created a Long Term Plan in part of the Integrated National Sustainable Health System, which includes measures to reduce the number of maternal deaths. Grace knows she can be an integral part of this plan with an increased knowledge in midwifery. As she increases her knowledge and skills, she can help develop and improve health care service delivery, with a focus on mother and infant care. The Master’s program she chose will teach her holistic, preventative and supportive strategies for reducing mortality rates in her region. With these impressive goals, she has been accepted as the first recipient of Mamas 4 Mama’s scholarship program to the University of Makerere for a Master’s degree in Nursing in Midwifery. We wish her luck and will follo
w her journey through this new exciting chapter of education and continued excellence in community service.