Mamas 4 Mamas International
Lisa Williams

I was initially drawn towards Erin and mamas 4 mamas because of the important and respectful work

she is doing internationally. As an Anthropologist, it was important for me this type of aide is conducted

in a culturally relative way, and Erin is experienced, educated and genuinely responsive to those issues.

Her goals are inspiring and achievable, and it made sense to be a part of this organization. I too, want

mothers across the globe to feel comfortable in making the decisions that are right for themselves, their

children and families.

Like many women, my experience as a mother was not all that I dreamed of. With a pre-existing illness,

I was required to have a cesearian section, and on life-saving medication that had undesirable effects for

my child, I was unable to breastfeed. In another life, with another body, I would have planned for a

midwife assisted birth with more gentle interventions than what occurred. These restrictions did not

deter from having a child, but it did help me reflect on the choices women have – and sometimes do not

have in childbirth. It’s my desire that all mothers have the opportunity to make these decisions in a

safe, educated and supportive environment.

As the Development Director, my goals with mamas 4 mamas are: to assist in the progression of

knowledge in our community around international maternal/child health, to expand our donor reach, to

create meaningful and long-lasting relationships in the province to grow our fund development

activities, and to offer event and awareness campaign support throughout the year.