Mamas 4 Mamas International
Judith Nkongolo

Imagine attending a hospital, when a power outage kills children who were on life support. Shortly, after this traumatic experience, you get dismissed from the clinic. Within a couple of weeks, you get admitted to the hospital again. This time around, the doctor tells you that your child is not going to make it. Without any blood test, the doctor pulls a chair for your husband, pokes him and the child, and the transfusion begins. I would not be here today if the doctor did not take this risk. Now forward 3 three decades, a lady with a healthy pregnancy attends a clinic for a delivery and neither the mother or child makes it out safely. This recently happened to my cousin’s wife. I believe there is lot work to be executed when it comes to parents and infants. I am passionate about helping people and creating hope for others. For this reason, I joined Mamas 4 Mamas because Maternal/child health is something dear to my heart. Being part of this project enables me to implement the change I want to see in the world for mothers and babies care. Mothers and babies should not survive by luck but they should have access to the proper health care services.