Mamas 4 Mamas International
Erin MacAulay Davalos


“My experience having a midwife during my pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum was empowering and it inspired me to help other women to also have positive birth experiences. Mamas 4 Mamas is the result of my passion for international development and the bond that exists between women around the world.”
-Erin MacAulay Davalos, Founder, Mamas 4 Mamas International

Erin MacAulay Davalos founded Mamas 4 Mamas out of a passion for supporting women, in particular childbearing mothers and their families. Her passion for international development began in 2004, during her first year of study in Human Geography at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Her worldview was instantly expanded as she became aware of the barriers many women face in accessing quality health care.

Through the University of Halifax, Erin interned as a Family Assistance Program Coordinator with the Canadian International Development Agency in a village called Caia in Mozambique, Africa. The families she met in Caia made a lasting impact on her and she returned to Canada knowing she would dedicate her life to helping families in under-served communities, just like those she met in Mozambique.

While working in Mozambique, Erin developed a close friendship with a pregnant woman named Bia. They spent many hours talking about motherhood during their time together, and Bia taught Erin about the difficulties many women face in accessing quality maternal health care. Erin met women who lost their babies in childbirth, as well as babies who lost their mothers during childbirth. One of her most heart-wrenching experiences was when she held a two-day-old baby who had lost his mother while giving birth to him. Erin knew that these incidents were completely preventable, but she had no way to support these women on her own.

Erin returned to Canada, determined to make a difference in the lives of those like Bia and that two-day-old boy, but she didn’t know how to begin. She then began a 3 year infertility journey which ended in the birth of her first baby girl. Erin was cared for by a highly skilled and compassionate midwife during her pregnancy, delivery, and for 6 weeks postpartum. During that time, she often thought of the women she knew in the village in Mozambique who were not able to access quality prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care.

Erin’s birthing experience inspired her to launch Mamas 4 Mamas together with her husband and mother. They believe that every woman deserves quality care during pregnancy, skilled care during delivery, and support during the weeks following childbirth. Mamas 4 Mamas provides childbearing mothers and their families access to these necessities, and therefore, supports entire families and communities, because investing in women will change the world.