Mamas 4 Mamas International

Improving Maternal Health

Mamas 4 Mamas is a community based, grass roots organization. We believe this is a strength, as it allows us to be nimble in arranging partnerships with other like-minded non-profit organizations and also to form personal connections with the communities and organizations we support. We believe in building long term relationships with our partners in the spirit of reciprocity and mutual learning. Together, we can improve maternal health for women around the world.


What Mamas 4 Mamas is Doing

Medication Delivery

Post-Partum Hemorrhage is severe bleeding following delivery. It is one of the leading causes of maternal mortality in both developed and developing countries. Tragically, there are more deaths from post-partum hemorrhage in Africa where medical facilities and medication to control bleeding are often lacking. Mamas 4 Mamas has partnered with Life for African Mothers to supply medication to decrease death from severe bleeding and eclampsia.


We believe in the power of education to change the world. Mamas 4 Mamas has provided scholarships to students in the Masters of Nursing (Midwifery & Women's Health) program. This program is especially valuable, as post-graduate students have proven their dedication to their field and will be the change-makers in their communities.

We have partnered with Makarere University in Uganada. This partnership was facilitated through NEPAD (the technical body of the African Union). Scholarship recipients form part of the Mamas 4 Mamas International Advisory Committee of Midwives. The role of this committee is to report on the maternal health trends in their communities, as seen through their work as midwives. They  also facilitate future community partnerships.

Community Partners

Mamas 4 Mamas partners with small, grassroots organizations in developing countries who are delivering maternal health services. In the past, we partnered with Dar a Luz in Honduras, Central America, to support their work with volunteer Doulas in public hospitals as well as with Traditional Midwives in rural communities. We have also partnered with Life for African Mothers to send a midwife from Wales to upskill Traditional Midwives in Liberia.