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Mamas 4 Mamas is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting maternal and infant health projects in under-served communities around the world. We are 100% volunteer driven. We rely on the support of individuals in our community to assist mamas and their babies in developing countries. The generous support of individuals makes it possible for our organization to make a difference in the lives of the we support.
Mamas 4 Mamas was founded by sustainable international development advocate, Erin MacAulay Davalos in September 2014. Erin studied Human Geography at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and was particularly interested in the barriers faced by rural communities in accessing health services. In 2011, Erin had the opportunity to work with orphans and vulnerable children in a village in Mozambique, Africa, as a Family Assistance Program Coordinator through an internship with the Canadian International Development Agency and the Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development. Her experience in Mozambique further ignited her passion for community development, and in particular, her focus on working with women and children. Upon her return to Canada, she spent the following 3 years trying to become a mother. Following the birth of her daughter in May 2014, Erin’s passion for international development was reignited. Together with her husband Andres Davalos, she officially launched Mamas 4 Mamas when their daughter was 3 months old. There are women and families all over the world who are not able to access the health services necessary to support a healthy pregnancy, labour/delivery, and post-partum period. Mamas 4 Mamas exists to support organisations working to improve access to these critical services. We have the power as a grassroots organization to work directly with the communities we support and therefore, your donations go solely to the communities and initiatives we are supporting.
To be an advocate for families who are not receiving the health care and support that they need. We are committed to improving access to quality prenatal care, skilled care during delivery, and support in the weeks following childbirth.
Mamas 4 Mamas believes in universal access to sexual and reproductive health services and rights. However, some of our partners may not share this commitment or provide these critical services. While we do our best to partner with organisations providing the full spectrum of reproductive health services, we may, at times, support organizations with a focus specifically on the period of pregnancy and birth.
100% of the money received by way of donations will be given to the project we are working with at the time of the donation. A portion of the money raised via events (such as Acoustic Nights) may be used to cover travel costs. Travel costs are integral to our organization, as visiting our partners is the best way to make a connection with them and to truly understand their needs and therefore how best to support them. In addition, it provides the best insight into the impact we are making on the ground in the communities we serve. Once our fundraising goals have been met, we travel to the project site we are currently supporting to personally deliver the funds. This provides our donors with the opportunity to see where their donation has gone through photos and videos and to connect on a personal level with the communities we work with. Through visiting the projects, we are able to gain a better understanding of the needs of the communities we work with, so we have a strong understanding of how best to support them.
Please visit our Take Action page where you learn about how you can help out. We are always in need of volunteers, so contact us to learn more!
We take a variety of factors into consideration when choosing where to focus our efforts. We choose programs which are well-established and well-received by the communities in which they operate. The programs we support are non-proselytizing and are respectful of local traditions and customs. Mamas 4 Mamas does not start up programs in the countries we focus on, but rather, partners with organizations who have programs which are already in place and are in need of support, both financially and otherwise. We seek to support programs which are managed by locals of the communities they operate in and are focused on long-term, sustainable impacts.


Currently, we are working with the University of Makarere in Uganda, Africa. This partnership was facilitated through NEPAD (the technical body of the African Union)
Mamas 4 Mamas scholarships are open to students in the Masters of Nursing (Midwifery and Women's Health) Program. Typically, the University identifies students who would be interested and encourages them to apply.
Because we believe in the power of education to make a lasting impact.